Harry’s Pals

Harry’s Pals was launched in January 2020 with a goal to support parents who have recently found out that their child is severely ill or disabled – an outcome at birth that was unexpected.

“Having experienced the complete lack of  emotional and practical support out there for parents and carers I feel passionate that a change needs to be made” – Hayley Charlesworth (Harry’s mum)

Harry’s Pals offers respite breaks for families, allowing for them to have some much needed time to recharge and recuperate. Whether it be a retreat for the whole family or a spa break for two we want to give families something to look forward to.

We also offer bespoke counselling programmes for Individuals or couples. We have a number of different therapists and counsellors working with us to allow for us to offer the type of support that the individual or couple needs the most. Whether It be traditional types of “talking” counselling to more unconventional methods to deal with trauma and grief such as EFT therapy.

Please do get in touch if we can help you or someone you know. Email thehelpingharrytrust@gmail.com


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