Whether you know Harry and the family personally, or just want to help a poorly little boy, you’re one of Harry’s Pals. And we’d like to thank you so much for that.

As one of Harry’s Pals your job is simple: help us to raise money and awareness for little Harry. It’s the only way we can fund the ongoing care, and specialist treatment he needs.

Here are a few resources to help you do just that:


1. Follow us on

You can meet other Harry’s Pals, get fundraising ideas, and see how your money is really making a difference. Like us on Facebook and if you haven’t already, please share Harry’s page with your friends.

2. Share Harry's EasyFundraising posters

Download an Easyfundraising poster that explains how you and your friends can get us some free donations for Harry – just for shopping online. Please print them out around your work, local shops, pubs or wherever you think they’ll be seen. This How To Poster explains more about the process, if you need a refresher.

3. Get fundraising ideas

You’ll find a few ideas over on the How To Get Involved page and on Facebook. You can also download this Helping Harry Fundraising Ideas list to get you started. We’d love to hear your ideas too – so please share with Harry’s other Pals.

4. Ask your friends to sponsor you

If you’re running for Harry, giving up sweets for the month, or fundraising in any other way – make sure you ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Just download this Helping Harry Sponsor Form and fill it out. Easy!

5. Spread the word

Use this Helping Harry Fact Sheet to encourage people to help Harry and his family. You can send it to colleagues/friends/family or even a local business like a fitness club. This might just motivate them to take on a challenge, come to an event or just simply donate.


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