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About Us

About Casinobonus-alert

Welcome to our website that will both surprise you and allow you to experience the best casino online. Ensuring the odds of winning and peace of mind knowing that the websites we list are safe and secure.
Just enjoy the games and benefits the winnings, because Casinobonus-alert is here to give you the most relevant online casino information around.
Casinobonus-alert have compiled an extensive amount of information to help players get the most out of their gaming experience. Our goal is to provide you detailed and honest reviews to help you select the very best online casinos with confidence.

You will find information such as:

  • Registering at an online casino
  • How to know if an online casino is safe
  • Variety of games
  • Bonuses etc…

How We Rate & Review

When you arrive at Casinobonus-alert you can trust that we have researched and analyzed many online casinos. Due to our long-term experience, we have succeeded in thoroughly evaluating many online casinos website allowing players to be assured that we provide them the best information in the gaming industry.
When our experienced reviewers examine a website, they actually join each website as players and not just as reviewers. This allows them an in-depth view on the important aspects and the detailed information you need to make the best choices.
They will take into consideration various aspects such as:

  1. Playability – Variety, layouts and diversity of games
  2. Software – Most important aspect of any online casino, the starting point for any reviewers to ensure a website is easily accessible and without problems.
  3. Download Speed – Time is money, always make sure that you don’t waste precious time by waiting for a website to download.
  4. Interaction – Casinobonus-alert has trustworthy customer service available at all times with an extensive technical knowledge to answer all your questions.
  5. Installation – Ensuring that our customers will only download programs that work properly in the all variety of situations.

Rating Categories at Casinobonus-alert

Casinobonus-alert reviews each site from the point of view of the players by actually depositing money into the new account at the online casinos being reviewed. The following points are important:

  1. VIP Programs – Customers are always attracted to extra incentives, free rolls, tournament entries and other perks.
  2. Deposit Bonuses – Casinobonus-alert will give you all of the bonus information for each online casino site
  3. Withdrawal and Deposit Methods – We will let you know which withdrawing and winnings methods each online casino uses.
  4. Promotions – Information regarding how to access ongoing promotions for existing players.
  5. Level of Traffic – Our reviewers will ensure your choices of casinos is a busy one with many players.
  6. Jackpots – Casinobonus-alert gives you the low-down on what to expect from each online casino so you can go to where the numbers are best and your winnings will be the highest.
  7. Security – We protect your sensitive personal and financial information.

Certificate of Excellence

We give you the information all in one place! Our reviewers re-visit the approved sites randomly to make sure the quality is maintained.

Privacy Policy

Casinobonus-alert (also referred to as “the company” or “we”) value and respect our customers’ privacy and outline in this policy. What we do with that private information. We are committed to protecting that information through data protection services, per the applicable laws.
Changes may be made to this policy at any time, and it is the customer’s responsibility to review periodically to remain aware of such changes.

Customer Feedback

Casinobonus-alert is always looking for ways to improve our site and the information within. If you have any ideas or suggestions how we can improve the site please do get in touch at email or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.