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Call Center Worker Wins £250,000 on a £2 Scratch Card

Scratch Card Pays Out Massive Cash Prize!

Call center worker Marilyn Scott won a £250,000 scratch card jackpot with a £2 scratch card. Amazingly she hadn’t even been planning to buy a card! 27 year old Marilyn from Kilmarnock was stuck when she found that she had no change for a parking meter. She needed to break the tenner that she had in her purse and bought a £2 scratch card. She threw the scratch card back into her purse with the change and went in to work. It was only later that she remembered the scratch card and scratched the panels.


Marilyn’s colleagues may have been more than a little surprised to see her jumping up and down and screaming with delight. Let’s face it - it’s not the kind of behaviour that you expect in a call center at 8 AM…The lucky winner was allowed to knock off immediately and try to confirm her big win. Marilyn reckoned that she was too freaked out to focus on work anyway. Not surprisingly she was on cloud nine after hitting such a massive scratch card jackpot.

Scratch Card Jackpot Celebration!

Like most jackpot winners, Marilyn was worried that it was all too good to be true. Several of her colleagues thought that the card might be a miss print or a mistake. A  couple of hours later when she got through to Camelot the celebrations really started. Camelot confirmed the winning card and reassured her that the prize money was really hers!

Marilyn Enjoys her Scratch Card Winnings

Marilyn is reportedly planning to do some serious travelling, with Australia as a possible destination. With a £250,000 jackpot prize in the bank it’s a safe bet that she can  afford to fly first class now. Fortunately there are plenty of scratch cards, lotteries  and pokies (slot machines) down under, so her winning streak might continue.

Keep on Playing - Keep on Winning!

Marilyn seems to one of life’s lucky winners. She recently won £1,000 prize on a local radio competition and £1,000 worth of travel vouchers in a prize draw at work. Maybe some people are just born lucky, or it’s just a question of taking part in plenty of competitions. Either way, we hope that Marilyn will keep on winning a lot more prizes!



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