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Published by Jack | 22-06-2023

How to Choose Online Casino and Slots Sites

So, You’re Ready to Play Online… It’s not easy to choose online casino or slots sites. There are hundreds, if not thousands of casino sites advertising on the internet. They all claim to be the best and they’re all competing for your money. Players are bombarded with extravagant welcome offers, special promotional bonuses, and promises […]

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Published by Jack | 17-06-2023

Call Center Worker Wins £250,000 on a £2 Scratch Card

Scratch Card Pays Out Massive Cash Prize! Call center worker Marilyn Scott won a £250,000 scratch card jackpot with a £2 scratch card. Amazingly she hadn’t even been planning to buy a card! 27 year old Marilyn from Kilmarnock was stuck when she found that she had no change for a parking meter. She needed to […]

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Published by Jack | 12-06-2023

Massive Powerball Jackpot!

There are moments in life when it’s definitely better to shun publicity. One of those moments is when you’ve just one a $447.8 million dollar cash lottery prize jackpot on the Powerball lottery! Big Country - Big Lotteries - Massive Jackpots! They like to do things on a big scale in America, and that includes lotteries. […]

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Published by Jack | 07-06-2023

Is Online Gambling a Problem?

From time to time there’ll be an article in the papers about the ‘problem’ of online gambling. The story will usually feature a couple of online slots or casino players who became addicted to gambling. It will describe how they played all day every day, ran up debts, lied to their families and finally turned […]

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Published by Jack | 05-06-2023

Should I Play on just One Casino Site?

A lot of CBA readers have asked if it’s best to stay on just one casino site and try to become a VIP player. Players are continually targeted with new welcome offers and promotional bonuses, some of which seem very high. It’s often tempting to jump from site to site and try to cash in new player […]

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Published by Jack | 31-05-2023

How to Invest a Casino Jackpot

Imagine that you just won a casino jackpot and became a millionaire overnight! It’s something that we’ve all dreamed of and for a few lucky players it will become a reality. Even when we’re just playing for smaller cash prizes it’s always at the back of our minds that the big one might come up. […]

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Published by Jack | 27-05-2023

What if you Won a Massive Slots Jackpot?

Everybody dreams of winning a million pound online slots jackpot, or even a smaller cash prize. We love to daydream and fantasise about what we’d do with the money and how we’d improve our lives. It goes without saying that most of us won’t win the biggest prizes - but a lucky few will. We […]

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Published by Jack | 21-05-2023

Play the National Lottery or Online Casino?

National Lottery vs Online Casino A regular question at CBA is whether its better to play the National Lottery or online casinos. The National Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK. Millions of players have bought tickets over the years but only a tiny minority have ever won big […]

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