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Is Online Gambling a Problem?

From time to time there’ll be an article in the papers about the ‘problem’ of online gambling. The story will usually feature a couple of online slots or casino players who became addicted to gambling. It will describe how they played all day every day, ran up debts, lied to their families and finally turned to crime. The newspaper articles and TV features are usually formulaic and are designed to shock. Newspapers are businesses; headlines and sensational stories are designed to grab readers attention and boost advertising revenues.

When Online Gambling becomes a Problem

There’s no doubt that there are people for whom any form of gambling entertainment is dangerous. Some players are compulsive gamblers and have extreme difficulty controlling themselves. They play recklessly and keep on losing more money than they can afford to bet. The effects of this behaviour are destructive and tragic - both for them and their families.

The same is true for other fun activities and entertainment that offer pleasure and gratification. Many in our society have drug and alcohol problems. Read a selection of popular media and you’ll also see plenty of stories about compulsive eating/not eating, sex addiction, and loads of other issues. It doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous for the average person to look for some fun. It’s OK for most of us to open a bottle of wine, order a pizza and hope to end the evening in someone else’s bed…

Online Slots and Casino Entertainment is FUN!

Modern life is stressful - and often boring - and we all need to relax and have fun. Gambling entertainment has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. The Romans loved their dice games and 2,000 years later people are still playing craps games. Online slots and casino sites are just the latest form of gambling fun. Players love winning cash prizes and a dreaming of massive slots jackpots. It’s perfectly healthy to unwind and have some fun by placing a few bets. Life is short and disposable income is there to be enjoyed.


Follow the Golden Rules of Online Gambling

If you follow a few simple rules you’ll be able to enjoy playing slots and casino games online. If you regularly break these rules you may need to think about slowing down.

Don’t bet more than you can afford.

Most of us have some spare cash each week that’s spent on entertainment. It might be a lot or it might be enough for an occasional small treat. Don’t spend more than you can afford. If you find yourself going without the basics because you’re playing online all the time you might have a problem. 

Budget your online gaming time 

We all have leisure time when it’s fun to switch off and enjoy ourselves; most people can’t wait for the weekend. If you find that your slots and casino fun is taking up non leisure time - take a break. Don’t let playing in your favourite online casino take priority over your family life or social life. Most of this sounds obvious, but a very small minority of players will drift into these situations.

There’s no such thing as ‘playing with the casino’s money’

Some players like to talk about ‘playing with the casino’s money’ when they win cash prizes or jackpots. This is a very foolish gambling strategy. When you win a slots or casino jackpot it’s your money! As soon as you win a big cash prize you need to stop playing and logout. Take a few days to adjust to the fact that you’re a winner and make a plan for the money. Obviously you’ll want to start playing again and get back to your favourite slots games. But set a gambling budget and upper limits on your bets - and stick to them.

The main message is that online gambling can be a lot of fun and is a pleasant way to relax and unwind. If you don’t spend more than you can afford and don’t spend too much time online it’s fine. Slots and casino fun falls in the same category as a few drinks or a good meal and should be enjoyed. If you’re lucky enough to win some cash prizes or a jackpot that’s the ultimate in online entertainment!

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