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Massive Powerball Jackpot!

There are moments in life when it’s definitely better to shun publicity. One of those moments is when you’ve just one a $447.8 million dollar cash lottery prize jackpot on the Powerball lottery!

Big Country - Big Lotteries - Massive Jackpots!

They like to do things on a big scale in America, and that includes lotteries. Saturday’s Powerball lottery prize surged to an estimated $447.8 million, which is so much money that you’d need a computer to count it. The winning ticket was bought in California and there is believed to be just one lucky winner. Most UK players are accustomed to play for much more modest prizes. We tend to think of a million pound slots or lottery jackpot as a life changing prize. $447.8 million is the kind of sum that national governments take seriously. It’s almost beyond the comprehension of the average online casino player.

The Lucky Lottery Number

Saturday’s lucky lottery numbers were 32, 26, 20, 38 and 58. Possibly they have some personal significance to the winner, or they might have been chosen at random. But we’re betting that plenty of other lottery punters will be trying them out. They’ll need some luck though: the odds of winning Saturday’s prize draw were 1 in 292 million.

Buy your own Online Casino

We don’t know if the prize has been claimed yet, but somebody in California woke up on Sunday morning halfway to being a billionaire. Our lucky winner doesn’t need to play in a casino - he could quite literally go and buy one. With some shrewd investing the (almost) half billion lottery jackpot  prize could easily be a billion dollars in a few years.

Good Luck to the Lottery Winner

We’re not even going to try and imagine what it feels like to suddenly win that kind of money. Most of us would be somewhere between shock, ecstasy and complete disbelief. A lot of us would probably sit up all night keeping the winning lottery ticket under armed guard. Hopefully the prize winner didn’t keel over with a heart attack and is now planning how to spend the money!

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