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Should I Play on just One Casino Site?

A lot of CBA readers have asked if it’s best to stay on just one casino site and try to become a VIP player. Players are continually targeted with new welcome offers and promotional bonuses, some of which seem very high. It’s often tempting to jump from site to site and try to cash in new player bonuses to make your money go further. Some players also enjoy exploring new sites and get bored with the same old slots games. It can be refreshing to sign up to a new online casino that has a different vibe and different design.

Can I really become a VIP Player?

One good reason for staying with the same site is the possibility of becoming a VIP player. There’s no doubt that Casino VIPs benefit from some real rewards and enjoy top level gaming. Unfortunately a lot of players take one look at the VIP requirements and write off their chances of making it. To start playing as a VIP almost always requires a large cash deposit. If your budget stretches to a weekly deposit of £20 you’re not going to have the VIP manager calling your mobile. However, a few lucky wins or even a small jackpot can see you promoted very fast. It’s also easy to earn VIP points or reward points and move up the ladder more slowly. Sometimes online casinos and slots sites will temporarily relax their VIP requirements as part of a promotional offer. Don’t assume that because you’re not a high roller now, you’ll never be a VIP player.

Can I make Money as a Bonus Hunter?

Bonus hunters are players who go from site to site in order to claim welcome offers and promotional bonuses. Online casino managers weren’t born yesterday and know all the tricks and strategies. When you claim a welcome bonus it will always come with a wagering requirement. This applies to free spins as well as cash bonuses. The wagering requirements aren’t in place to cheat players, they’re to protect the online casinos against bonus hunters. The requirement to play your bonus money a certain number of times before you cash out is reasonable. Bonus hunters can boost their initial deposit with over £1,000 sometimes, but they should be ready to stick around and play.

Divide your Play between Online Casino and Slots

Possibly the best solution is to split your budget. Start by deciding how much you want to spend on online gambling entertainment. Then divide your funds between your favourite home site, and sites that you play on temporarily. On your home site you can focus on strategic betting and gaining VIP status. It pays to try to build a relationship with an account manager.

You can use the rest of your gambling budget to try out new CBA approved sites and explore other styles of gaming. Gambling is supposed to be fun, so why not join an online poker tournament or learn new games. Players who are happy with light gaming still enjoy switching between slots and casino games.

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