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Play the National Lottery or Online Casino?

National Lottery vs Online Casino

A regular question at CBA is whether its better to play the National Lottery or online casinos. The National Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK. Millions of players have bought tickets over the years but only a tiny minority have ever won big jackpots. Online Casinos can’t match the biggest lottery rollovers, but pay out a lot more smaller prizes. We’ll take a look at how the lottery compares to online casinos for both prizes and fun.

The national lottery was set up by John Major’s government in 1994. John Major is pretty much forgotten but, despite a few ups and downs, the lottery is still going strong. The first online casinos started taking off about the same time and are still attracting new players. The highest ever UK lottery jackpot was a heart attack inducing £161,653,000 – and that was tax free! That’s more money that we can get our heads around and you’d need a computer just to count it.

Top Online Casino Jackpot

Even the biggest online casinos seldom offer more than £1,000,000 as a top prize. They have smaller numbers of players and smaller budgets. What they do offer is the chance to win smaller jackpots and pretty much non-stop cash prizes. If you like to win you’ll be more at home in an online casino or online slots site. The main reason is that on average every third card or spin is a winner. Statistically you’ll get a lot more wins (even if you spend more cash to achieve them).
The biggest pleasure for most lottery players is the feeling of anticipation as the prize draw approaches. Everybody loves to fantasise about what they’d do if they were suddenly rich. A multi-million pound jackpot will attract a lot of extra players. It’s the fun of daydreaming that pulls them in. The simple reality is that after the tension of watching this week’s numbers, almost the entire country will be disappointed. The bottom line with the National Lottery is that approximately 99.99999999999999999% of players will lose.

Win Online Progressive Jackpots

When you play in an online casino or slots site your chances are a lot better. There’s also a big range of games to choose from, plus live casino and tournaments. Jackpot fans can always spin the slots games that offer progressive jackpots. These are often worth well over a million. The other big advantage of online casino is that they are open 24/7/365 and probably always will be. You can login with your mobile at anytime and spin to win.

Free Spins and Bonuses

Unlike the National Lottery, online casinos also pay out welcome bonuses and like to give free spins and other promotional offers. We don’t recommend becoming a ‘bonus hunter’ but it’s always nice to play with free money. Free spins are a lot of fun too and are a great way to try out new slots games.
Even average online casinos offer a pretty good choice of card games like poker and blackjack. There are also many different varieties of roulette games as well as dice and craps. Online casinos are fun and the cash prizes and payouts are part of the gambling entertainment. Casino players don’t build their dreams on the basically impossible chance of winning a £161,653,000 jackpot.

The National Lottery is a lot of fun and we’re not knocking it, but the only real winners are the government and Camelot. It’s still worth a quick flutter just for the pleasure of watching the numbers drawn. But, the lottery definitely doesn’t get the CBA Stamp of Approval and isn’t worth more than a couple of quid a week.

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